Sunday, December 1, 2013

Day of the Socks

Posting outfit photos and sharing them with the amazing, supportive community over at Patti's Visible Monday is a wonderful and educational experience. Through my participation I'm slowly discovering my style and learning to be OK with it.

When I think about how I clothe myself words like practical, comfortable and affordable come to mind. I'm beginning to add words like ethical, thrifted and local to my wardrobe vocabulary. 

My go-to weekend outfit is usually a variation of what you see below. Outerwear to suit the weather. Jeans. Footwear appropriate for walking, or lunching or shopping. 

Weekday clothing can be tricky. I'm supposed to appear professional at work, but that's a discussion for another post. Maybe. If I ever figure out just what exactly my employers mean by "professional".

Last Monday presented particular work-wardrobe challenges. A friend and I were meeting to see "Day of the Doctor" at the theatre. I knew I'd only have enough time after work to grab a quick bite to eat. An outfit change before the show was out of the question, but I knew wanted to showcase my...

...TARDIS socks!

What's a Whovian to do? Plan her work wardrobe around her TARDIS socks, that's what!

Oh, yeah! Sonic screwdriver!
3-D glasses!

OK, I didn't actually wear the socks to work. I wore tall black boots then switched them for the socks and booties later.

I didn't bring the sonic screwdriver to work either, though I might in the future. Having it at the theatre gave me the courage to ask the very tall young man in front of me to switch places with his much more moderately-sized date. Usually I'd be too shy and too darned Canadian to ask. The fact that the couple complied so easily leads me to believe in the magic of the sonic screwdriver.  Imagine how much easier my workdays would be if I had the power to get others to comply easily. And if they didn't I could always build a cabinet at them. 

Linking up with the ever-timeless Patti and the out-of-this-world crowd over at Not Dead Yet Style for Visible Monday. Hope you'll stop by and check out the fun!


  1. Laurie, I just love your socks, and sonic screwdriver! It's great to have you participate at Visible Monday, and I love reading your blog. xo

    1. Thank you Patti! I do so enjoy participating. That's what gives me the courage experiment with my style and do crazy things like wear those socks in public!

  2. Love those shoes! Your wardrobe criteria are just like mine - practical, comfortable, now also including ethical. It actually makes it easier to make a decision, rather than just buying anything on the spur of the moment. I still need more walking shoes that look cool, or maybe just some Tardis socks to wear with them!

    1. Thanks Val! I struggle with the shoe thing too. Due to foot issues, flats are a must. The booties above are for seated events like the movie. I do miss cute shoes, but I discovered the hard way that I miss walking more!

  3. Great fun Laurie! You look confident with your style, isn't it great! And bravo to asking tall man if he might switch his seat.

    1. Thanks Sue! I surprised myself and my friend when I asked the couple to switch seats. The power of the sonic screwdriver! Though I admit that even with the screwdriver I was so nervous I had butterflies before and after asking. Silly, but that's how shy Canadians roll!

  4. Pretty. You need to add *pretty* to your wardrobe lexicon ... and *cool.* That one too.
    You saw DotD at a theatre? Lucky, lucky you. Loved it, even on the wee screen.
    Good week to be a Whovian. NuWhovian?
    When I was a little girl, my dad worked a lot of evenings, so my mom took me to the movies with her. She'd buy me ice cream BonBons and make me sit in front of her on the aisle so no one tall would sit in her line of sight. Can't believe I can even remember that!

    1. Thanks Jan! What a great movie-going memory. Thanks for sharing it here. I might use your Mom's strategy next time I'm at the theatre without my sonic screwdriver.

      Saw DotD on the big screen and in 3D. Hence the awesome shades in my pics. There were some pre- and post-movie clips that added to the fun. Strax explaining theatre etiquette, and Matt Smith explaining how our glasses could be used to detect Zygons in the audience.


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