Friday, November 4, 2011

Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

I've been lurking around at my favourite blogs recently. When I stop writing here I tend to stop reading other blogs.  I'm sure there's a very good psychological reason for this behaviour that a skilled therapist could help me sort out. Whatever. The fact that I'm out there roaming the blogosphere leads me to believe that somewhere in the deepest, darkest places of my mind I may be thinking about writing again.  Maybe. Possibly. Perhaps.

While my subconscious continues to stew over the likelihood of my return to the world of writing, please check out the work of these three talented bloggers:  

Meghan of Making Love in the Kitchen
Rose-Anne of Life, Love, and Food
Samantha of Bikini Birthday

Hope to see you all here again soon. Maybe. Possibly. Probably.

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  1. Good grief! I am out of practice! The first time I posted this I linked to the wrong website for Life, Love and Food. Oops. If you tried the link and it didn't take you where you expected please try again. I think I have it fixed now. Apologies to Rose-Anne!


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