Sunday, January 24, 2010

Dairy Police

Was out with friends last night. During the course of discussion, one women revealed that she has access to unpasteurized milk. I was teasing her, calling her a scofflaw, and asking if she was worried about being arrested by the dairy police. Another friend pointed out that it wasn't illegal to drink raw milk, though it is illegal to sell it in Canada. Odd. You'd think law enforcement officials would want to quash the demand and therefore wipe out the need for a supply. Don't they use the same logic with drugs and prostitution? Shouldn't there be a similar branch of police work devoted to investigating illegal milk users? I imagined undercover cops dressed like cows trying to entrap raw milk addicts. There was even a brief enactment of how such a scenario might go down. Did I mention I have rather silly friends? 

For a more serious look into the pros and cons of raw milk check out this CBC News article.


  1. So, dear Laurie...are YOU a raw milk addict? ;-)

    (I would love to have access to a raw milk pusher...I'm sure I'd start dealing too once I found a source!)

  2. I currently don't have a dealer, and I'm still not sure that I'd be a fan. Chalk it up to being the daughter of a former dairy worker. I guess I won't know if I like it until I try it. I just won't tell my dad!

  3. Laurie, I think with your connections, you'll find a raw milk dealer...
    I was raised on raw milk.... my sister, only 8 or 9 years old, spent most of her days at the neighbour's farm aka the raw milk pusher. Every night she'd wander back home carrying our dented aluminum milk bucket filled with fresh, raw milk. I was a serious milk guzzler and loved the stuff. The farmer/pusher sent the rest of the milk to the dairy for pasteurization. Was it illegal for our parents to buy the raw milk and supply us children with the illegal stuff???? Were they using my sister as the drug carrier? Was the raw milk the gateway drug to the organic foods I'm addicted to today?


  4. You drank raw milk transported in an aluminum bucket without refrigeration. I can't believe you're still alive to tell about it. Raw milk as a gateway drug - you're too funny. If only addiction to a healthy diet really worked that way.


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