Thursday, February 19, 2009

Taking it slow

I stumbled to my computer last Thursday morning, logged onto my email, and found a message from Monna over at Slow Blogs. She was letting me know that she had written about Elusive Onions in her Valentines Day Edition. I was surprised beyond words. In fact, I was so stunned I almost forgot to submit last Thursday’s post.

Hubby had nominated Elusive Onions as his favourite slow blog back in December. Finding out I was going to be included in Monna’s post was the perfect Valentines’ gift. And yes, I know that everyone who got nominated got mentioned, but what a wonderful group to be mentioned with.

I’ve been spending so much of my spare time this week enjoying these other blogs that I’ve put little thought into my own. Hence the complete lack of food-related writing. But don’t fret. Food writers are well represented over at Slow Blogs. Wander on over and have a look. And while there, check out Monna’s Slow Blog Manifesto and the post “Read Slowly“. I’ve consulted them frequently since I discovered Slow Blogs back in November. I find her tips on “blogging to make yourself happy” to be particularly reassuring. She outlines what I’m aiming for, but she says it in a much more concise way than I ever could. Hope you enjoy these other writers as much as I do. See you back here next week. I should have something cooked up for you by then.


  1. Lovely photo today, Laurie!

    Hey, I nominated myself, so what do you think THAT means? I was just so eager to be mentioned on a blog that eloquently explains what we slow bloggers are all about. Slow blogging = happy blogging. Or at least that's the goal.

  2. I think that's WONDERFUL. Truth be told, I considered nominating myself, but I didn't have the courage. Instead I emailed a few people and suggested that, if they felt I met the requirements, they nominate me. Hubby came through. I think that means I'm sneaky and lucky.


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