Thursday, February 12, 2009

Helloooo Honey

My immune system seems to have gone on holiday and forgotten to take the rest of me with it. I hope it comes back relaxed, refreshed and ready to work soon, as I have yet another cold. Blech.

This time around, instead of Chinese mandarins, I have discovered a local comfort food. Blackberry honey. It’s from a farm just north of town, and it’s wonderful. It’s warming and soothing and expensive and addictive. I’ve eaten an obscene amount of it this week. Well, it’s an obscene amount for me. Honey usually lingers in our cupboard for months. Not this stuff. I’ve had it in tea, on muffins, in smoothies, in hot toddies and in chicken soup. That last one was an accident. There was a cup of soup and a cup of tea on the counter. I plopped the spoonful of honey in the wrong cup before I noticed it was the wrong cup. I blame it on the fever.

We would occasionally get honey from a farm when I was a kid. I’d forgotten how superior it is to the stuff that is available in the store. I can’t imagine ever going back to supermarket honey. My only concern is that I’ve eaten so much blackberry honey while sick that I won’t be able to stand the stuff when I’m well. Fortunately, these bees also produce other kinds of honey, and I’m told they all taste different. Smart bees. I’m glad I found them.


  1. Ah, how lucky you are to have local honey to purchase! I'm so jealous! I'm really interested in trying more kinds of honey, so this post was very inspiring. Blackberry honey sounds delicious.

    Hope your cold has cleared up.

  2. Feeling much better thanks.

    Yesterday I discovered that the farm where I buy my eggs also has honey bees. I had no idea. I am very fortunate indeed.


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