Sunday, July 24, 2016

Weekly West Coast 2016 - Random Awesome Things

Results of a shipwreck washed up on the beach? Treasure? Possibly.  You'll have to find it yourself to know for sure.
Kudos to the creator of this cache!

  Like the real deer that frequent this park, these near-deer are in a different location each time I visit.
It's awesome that someone takes the time to help them in their travels.

I loved how the colour of the sphere-thing was repeated in the poppies in the foreground and in the roof-top in the distance.  Even more than that, I loved that someone took the time to create a still-life in a little-used alley.

Art in a tree! I admire the determination of the artist who hauled that rock up that tree.  Well done!

More art in more trees!  We saw a few owls like this in the trees around Port Renfrew. I wonder what they signify? Thank you owl artist for giving us something to ponder and enjoy.

This still-life arrangement is behind someone's backyard fence.  Not something they'd get to enjoy regularly, so I'm assuming they've created it for passersby like me.  What a lovely idea!

The awesomeness here is readily apparent.  I love how neat the printing is, and I love how it differs from the "wash me" graffiti you usually see etched on a dusty car.

Have a great week all! Sending you warm thoughts wherever you are!

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