Friday, May 30, 2014

Got Frocked!

I think I've made it fairly clear that I am an lurker. I skulk around on other blogs for ideas and inspiration. Frocks and Frou Frou is a regular stop for me. Lilli knows what works for her. She has a well-defined personal style. I admire that.

Last week while snooping I saw Lilli's "Yours Truly" pictures. I realized that I had comparable items in my wardrobe. A sand-and-black print dress. A soft, black, drapey cardigan. Flat, black shoes. Not exactly the same items, but similar enough to try to recreate her outfit. And her poses. The photos were taken at the end of a long work day.  Hubby and I were tired and hungry. By the end we were feeling rather giddy. 

The dress and the cardigan were both purchased second-hand. That makes this outfit a great choice for Bella's Second-hand First link up over at Citizen Rosebud. And look, I'm jumping in on the first day. I feel so organized!

Hope you'll lurk your way over to check out the fun and fashionable women at both blogs. 


  1. Lovely look Laurie! Especially with the flats...pretty without looking too dressed up.

    1. Thanks Sue. The shoe comment really lifts my spirits. Foot problems mean that flats are my only choice most of the time. I do miss pretty, pointy, colourful, towering shoes, though earlier wearing of such footwear probably got me to where I am today.

  2. You look wonderful- and I'm so happy to see you as #1 participant this week! Thank you for linking up.

    I find that other fashion bloggers make for the best inspiration. I swear Vix and Curtise has got me eyeballing psychedelic print maxi dresses, and Desiree gave me a lust for Black Milk leggings!

    1. Thanks Bella! It was a really, really, really early morning, so I thought I'd get my two-cents in since I was up anyway. Somehow I didn't realize I was first. I'd like to say it was brilliant organization, but in reality it was horny raccoons.

  3. Sometimes it's easier to copy someone else for a starting point, but this would be a great outfit to wear lots and lots. Such a pretty dress and really simple to dress up or down. Imagine if you added some colored shoes next time..

    When I started blogging someone asked me to make my pictures bigger, so I'm going to mention that to you, too. It's hard to see them in the small size!

  4. Thanks Val! I'll keep my eyes open for some colourful shoes. It's hard to find interesting footwear to suit my fussy feet. Usually I'm stuck with the plain and the boring.

    I'll try bigger pictures. Good suggestion. I have no idea what things look like on the other side of the screen!


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