Saturday, February 13, 2010

Eeewwwwgggh - The Dirty Dozen

I'm  sure you've all seen the list.  It's from the Environmental Working Group, and it lists the twelve fruits and vegetables with the highest levels of chemical residue.  Commonly known as the "Dirty Dozen", conventionally grown versions of these items should be avoided.  The Environmental Working Group suggests that we go organic when looking for these items in the produce aisle.

I was reminded of the list this morning while reading "The Real Food Revival".  Though I was aware of the list, I never really knew where it came from or where to get updates.  When I saw the organization's web address in the book, I knew I'd found the perfect mnemonic device.  It was right there in front of me:  That's the sound I should be making when I see a pesticide-laden peach.  Eeewwwwgggh!  As long as I can remember to consult the list before I head out to do my shopping, I'll be all right.  At least now I'll know where to look for it.   It's over at

For those of you who are more technologically advanced, there is an iPhone app  for mobile access to the list.  Pretty cool, but somehow I don't think it will work with my circa 2001 Audiovox phone.  Don't laugh; it works.

In addition to the Dirty Dozen, there's also a list titled "Clean 15".  I'm delighted to report that onions, elusive or otherwise, top the list for lowest pesticide residue.  Makes me happy I didn't have any "peachy" titles in mind when naming my blog. 


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