Sunday, September 13, 2009

Pintos ‘n Cheese Please – Sister’s Soft, Moist Sunday VIII

My sister has always been a fussy eater. When we started discussing this project she was quite clear about the foods she "doesn't" eat. Add to that the foods she can't eat, and I'm often surprised that I have anything to share here. This week I think I have a winner.

When we were teens there were times when she'd claim she wasn't hungry and refuse what Mom served for dinner. Later, she'd ask to borrow the car and head over to Taco Bell. This week's soft, moist selection is based on Taco Bell's Pintos 'n Cheese. It's quick, cheap and easy. And it's something I'm pretty sure she'll eat.

This Week's Soft Moist Selection

Bell-Style Beans and Cheese

(I used canned, no-fat, refried beans for this recipe. I like that they contain three easily-identified ingredients. Whole, canned beans (kidney, pinto or black) could be substituted. You can mash them, or not, depending on how you feel – given the week my sister has had, I think mashing might require too much effort. Choose a salsa with recognizable ingredients and your favourite cheese and you're ready to go.)

1 can refried beans


Grated cheese

- Place beans in a small pot

- Stir in salsa, a little at a time, until desired consistency is reached

- Heat

- Serve topped with grated cheese

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