Sunday, September 6, 2009

Comfort Food - Sister's Soft, Moist Sunday VII

After a rousing round of phone tag I finally got in touch with my sweet sister yesterday just as she was sitting down to eat. I won't say what she was eating as: A) I don't have her permission B) I'm afraid the two companies involved will sue me if I say anything not to their liking. Let's just say it wasn't the healthiest meal, but I can understand why she chose it. It's easy to prepare, cheap and comforting. The meal also consisted of foods her kids are likely to eat without complaint, and it was something that she could eat given all her restrictions. Hmmm. It's sounding better all the time....

While today's soft, moist selection may not be considered healthy, I think it's healthier than what she was eating yesterday. It shouldn't be much more difficult to prepare, it's cheap and it's comforting. Now I just need to think of something she can eat to serve with it....

This Week's Soft Moist Selection

Garlic Mashed Potatoes

(Get the kids to help with this one. Peeling and mashing potatoes should be right up their alley. Just make sure they are prepared to clean up after themselves. Substitute regular milk for the buttermilk if necessary. We didn't measure butter, buttermilk or mustard, but it shouldn't be too difficult to figure out what's right for you.)

4 large russet potatoes, peeled and chopped
4 cloves of garlic, peeled
grainy mustard (the kind where you can see the seeds)

- Put chopped potatoes and peeled garlic in a pot.
- Cover with cold,salted water
- Bring to a boil and cook until soft
- Drain water from potatoes and garlic.
- Mash with butter, buttermilk and mustard.


  1. Thanks for all your soft moist tips -- one day I'll tell you how lovely that sounds to us postmenopausal folks!!!!
    Buttermilk -- help me, friend! I've been searching lately and can't find buttermilk. Buttermilk is to me divine nectar of the cows.... despite all the rude comments most Canadian make about buttermilk. I used to have a couple of stores as my regular suppliers, but they've dried up. I'd love to find local organic buttermilk, but at this point I'll take imported buttermilk laced with hormones and steroids from a GMO cow!



  2. Thank you Annonymouse. I was able to get a small container at Thrifty Foods. They have larger containers, but as Hubby has a very Canadian view of buttermilk, we don't often consume the large container before it expires. That being said, I used the buttermilk for one recipe, but it was his idea to use it in the mashed potatoes on Saturday. On Sunday he used the rest in pancakes. You'll find the buttermilk in the dairy aisle. It's an Island Farms product, so it's local-ish. I haven't really looked for organic yet, though I've been considering it. Let me know if you find it.

  3. Have you tried this one with a mix of cauliflower and sweet potato? Tastes virtually the same but so much more nutrient dense and lower on the glycemic index.

  4. Sounds yummy Meghan. I had considered cauliflower, but didn't have any to add. I would have never thought of sweet potato though. Thanks for the tip.


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