Sunday, June 9, 2013

She Started It!

Jan started it with her peppers and ice, though according to her, Alison and Alyssa were first. Then Sue jumped on the navy train. And so did Paula and Lisa and Alice and Tamera. Things quickly spread out of control. Inspiration was everywhere. With all that creative energy buzzing around, I decided that I too needed to take the plunge and play the orange and navy game. 

Just prior to Jan's post, I had bought an orange and navy silk scarf at the thrift shop. Not a colour combination I would normally be attracted to, but the scarf insisted on following me home. I initially left without it, but the scarf beguiled me back to claim it the next day. 

I couldn't imagine wearing the scarf. In my mind the colour combination and the pattern were just too unusual, at least too unusual for me. 

Then I saw Jan's outfits. Her timing was perfect. I had the scarf, and by golly, I was going to find a way to make it work. It took days of pondering, and the inspiration of all the stylish women listed above, before I got up the courage to try my own orange and navy outfit. 

I actually had all the pieces of this outfit in my closet. It would have never occurred to me to put them together. Another reason I'm glad I found Patti and the inspiring women who take part in Visible Monday at Not Dead Yet Style

This week is Patti's 100th hosting of Visible Monday. I only wish I had found her sooner. Go check out the amazingness. The sooner the better!


  1. Ah, see, these colors and amazing women are loosening you up (either that or you're looking at a purple-headed warbler flying by). I think the orange and navy combo is fabulous! Aren't you glad you bought that scarf?

  2. Thanks Val! I am glad I bought the scarf, and I'm thrilled I found you all through Visible Monday.

    No purple-headed warblers here. Just me trying to follow my photographer's instructions. Apparently, I don't know how to relax!

  3. Thank you for your kind words, and for linking up to Vis Monday! Love your interpretation of orange + blue, you look fab.

  4. Awwww Patti, thank you! Maybe someday I'll find the words to express how grateful I am for the safe playground that is Visible Monday. Until then, know that it makes a difference in ways I can't explain, and know how much I appreciate the work you do to make us all feel welcome, and visible!

  5. I like your outfit it looks great on you. ^_^


  6. Thanks Kim! I like your outfit too. Hooray for orange and blue!

  7. Isn't it wonderful to discover cute new combinations in the wardrobe! Your orange and navy mix is amazing and so are your pics. You look fabulous Laurie!

  8. You look great, it is so freeing to step outside your comfortable box. I agree, due to Patti and the Visible Monday ladies I am learning how take chances in my clothing choices.

    Barbara @

  9. Hey Laurie! So thrilled to see you on the navy/orange train. Woot Woot. What a fun pic the last one is too. It really all should be fun, and you're right...VM really provides a platform for us to show off our fun-ness.

    And, thanks for the shout out! Appreciate it very much!

    Sue xo

  10. You have to understand my language use aforehand ... I'm an old California girl, born and bred, a teen in the surf-y sixies. So when I say your outfit is nothing short of "bitchin'" I mean it's GRAND. I just really love the shades you've chosen to combine ... orange can scream. Yours smiles happily. Great scarf, truly, a little exotic. Jacket, seriously cute crops, shoe ... all elements. You should be proud.
    Thanks for the very nice mentions ... good always to have someone say nice things about you, and you keep me in very good company.

    Now, to the real issues of the day.

    What are we going to obsess over now that the Doctor Who's season is over, and who is going to be the next incarnation now a that Matt Smith is giving up? Rats. Just gettin' used to the skinny little scudder.

  11. Thanks Sabine! I've been rethinking many items in my wardrobe lately. I'm having more fun getting dressed than I have since kindergarten. Who needs fashion magazines when I have such a wonderful group of women to inspire me every week?

  12. Thanks Barbara! I haven't thought about clothing this way in years. Until recently my focus was on making sure I was clean, covered and met the dress code requirements for work. I really felt like I was outside the realm of "style" and "fashion". This group it teaching me that everyone can have fun with fashion...including me!

  13. Thanks Sue! And you're welcome. Such stylish inspiration deserves the shout out. I'm so pleased that I found such a creative, inspiring, fun and welcoming group of women. Hooray for Visible Monday.

  14. Thanks Jan. Sending a "bitchin" right back at you. Love this week's black and white selection.

    As for Doctor Who...I KNOW. Hubby and I have been brainstorming ideas for Matt Smith replacements. (Please don't go Matt!) None seem quite right. It's not likely to be anyone we'd recognize, as it generally isn't, but it's hard not to play the guessing game. For the last two Doctors there have been rumours of a woman stepping into the roll... We should audition!

  15. Yeah, I'm not sure about a lady for the Doctor. Helen Mirren would get my vote if pressed to offer a candidate. That would sure change the dynamic, wouldn't it. But then, I'm always convinced that I won't like the new version. I always do, 'cause it's the writing and ideas that I love best.

    We'll get one more at Christmas, anyway.

  16. I feel the same way each time the Doctor regenerates. I'm sure the actor will be disappointing, but they never are.

    Helen Mirrin would make an awesome Doctor. She has my vote too, though the actors playing the Doctor are rarely that well known. Maybe having a star of her quality as the first female Doctor would make the transition easier for those who object. And after seeing her in an evening gown and wielding a sniper rifle in RED, I can't imagine a better woman for the first female in the roll. Unless they can get Judy Dench.

  17. Was she not FREAKING AWESOME in Red?
    Oooh. Dame Judy. Good idea, but as you say, probably not probable, possible or even advisable to have a star. Casting there is always great, so I'll try just to sit back and wait. Lemme know if ya hear any believable rumors, and I'll do same.

    1. Looking forward to Red's sequel. Should be out soon.


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