Friday, December 7, 2012

Don't Should on Yourself

Back in the olden days, at a teachers' workshop, we were asked to share the best piece of advice we were ever given. I can't remember what I shared with the group. I probably invented something lame for the sake of the exercise. I do remember one of the other attendees sharing the the advice you see in the title. That's advice I can use.

My brain generally works like this: 

"In last piece I published I mentioned that I was unwell. I suppose I should have followed up sooner to let you all know I was all right. Though judging by the overwhelming non-response to my disappearance, I suppose I shouldn't be worried. In fact, maybe I should give up blogging altogether seeing as no one seemed to miss me. And there are so many things I should have shared here over the last several months. I should back up and cover those ideas before I write about anything new. But I can't remember what happened first, and I should post chronologically. And Blogger has changed considerably since I last posted. Maybe I should get to know the new format before I start. Should I give an explanation for my months of silence? Or should I skip the excuses and just get writing?" 

That last one might be the only "should" worth keeping. Time to let go of the rest. 

Write on.


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