Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Pink Pineapple P*nis Pops

The Story Before the Story...

Hubby and I went for a walk shortly after I snapped the photos for this post.  As we walked, we chatted about my plans for the pictures. Hubby wasn't too excited about my intended title. He thought it would attract unwanted readers, and he figured I could get grief from the makers of the product pictured below. He also thought that the people of Moosewood, and the makers of the original P*nis Pops, might take offense.  (Is there such a thing as a P*nis Pop? I’m afraid to look.)

Hubby has such faith in the popularity of my humble blog. There are times when I'm not sure there are any readers other than Hubby and Dad. I'd be surprised if the legal departments of any of the fine companies mentioned here found me. I wasn’t too keen on changing my planned title. I thought it was funny, and I had seen far more provocative things on other blogs.

When we returned from our walk, I logged into my email. Instead of the expected list of ads, offers and forwarded crap I got a message that my Google Account had been cancelled.  Whaaaaat?!?!?  I hadn’t knowingly done anything to offend the great Google Gods. There was a moment of puzzled panic before I did the reasonable thing and tried logging in again. Presto! I was in!

I don’t know what glitch caused the original login failure, but that brief moment of confusion was enough to make me alter the title. Thus the “*” you see there and throughout this post. I think of that cancellation message as a warning shot; I’d better behave myself if I want to continue here.

Hubby is right. This is a public blog, and I never really know who is looking. I need to be mindful of what I post here. I just didn’t realize that the keepers of cyberspace could act on my planned, as well as my published, posts. The interwebs is a spooky place for imaginative, and slightly paranoid people. Like me.

Now on to our regularly scheduled story.

Pink Pineapple P*nis Pops

On Christmas morning I opened a package from Hubby that contained this innocent-looking cardboard box:

Inside the box I found what appeared to be six silver schl*ngs.

Only five pictured here. One is in the freezer!

I was baffled. One silver schl*ng would be an unlikely gift from Hubby. Six seemed excessive and completely out of character. Then I realized what the gift actually was. It was a set of stainless steel popsicle molds. I had, in fact, not only suggested these to Hubby, I had helpfully sent him a link.  Somehow, the picture of the fully assembled set didn't quite capture the p*nile quality of the individual molds. 

Snap to a few weeks later. Every so often I meet with a group of friends to share a meal. Sometimes we write. More often we just talk about what we've been up to since we last met. We each contribute something to a pot-luck supper. For this first meeting of 2012 I struggled to think of something that would satisfy everyone's New Year's resolutions and their dietary requirements.  I was lucky to find a recipe in Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health that would meet everyone's needs: Pineapple-Cinnamon Popsicles. The recipe had only three all-natural ingredients, and it allowed me to break out my new popsicle molds. 

By this point I had pretty much gotten over my initial surprise at the shape of the popsicle molds.  I merrily went about preparing frozen treats for the group, happy that I had found something everyone could eat.  Of course, I couldn't just stick to the recipe.  Even though there were only three ingredients (pineapple, orange juice, cinnamon) I had to mix it up a little. Instead of the wee bit of orange juice the recipe called for, I used the juice of an entire blood orange. The resulting purée was a delightful shade of grapefruit-pink. 

The popsicle molds inspired giggles and slightly off-colour comments from the moment I unpacked them at the pot-luck. Things got really silly after dinner when we popped the pops from the molds. Somehow, in spite of the pink purée, I didn't anticipate the end result:

I had accidentally created a rude, but very tasty, dessert. I'll post the recipe below. Consider it my Valentine's Day gift to you!

Pink Pineapple P*nis Pops 

Adapted somewhat from Moosewood Restaurant Cooking for Health

(I struggled with calling this one an "adaptation". I've only changed one ingredient slightly, but as that ingredient represents 1/3 of the recipe I'm going for it!)

3 cups pineapple
juice of one blood orange
1/2 tsp cinnamon

Blend all ingredients in a food processor until smooth, then whiz on high until frothy. Pour into popsicle molds and freeze immediately.  Serve and enjoy the giggles!

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