Friday, January 13, 2012

Gluten Intolerant?

The bread delivery truck was arriving just as I left the grocery store yesterday. It sped through the parking lot at what I thought was a rather alarming rate. Though I was at safe distance, I was concerned for some of the other shoppers. There was one elderly couple in particular that I felt had a rather narrow escape. 

Once I recovered from the mild outrage I felt at the irresponsibility of the truck driver, my mind started to wander down less emotionally-charged paths. I wondered, if you are flattened by the bread delivery truck, is it a case of vehicular manslaughter, or are you suffering from extreme gluten-intolerance? Leave it to me to find dark humour in what could have been a serious situation.


  1. You found my blog :-) Thanks for commenting. It is really a public private journal for keeping track of thoughts for myself so I can look back and remember what worked, what didn't, etc. But thanks for commenting (and finding me).

  2. Hi Linda! At least one of us has a blog with a focus. Mine has wandered from it's roots, but the only way to figure out where it's going is to keep writing. Thanks for sticking with me as I muddle through.


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