Tuesday, December 6, 2011


I thought I knew what I wanted to write about today. I had great intentions when I sat down at the computer, but I just couldn't get going. As I often do, I started poking around on other blogs for "inspiration". At least I was calling it inspiration. In reality I think it was avoidance. 

I didn't even realize I was avoiding my writing until I slid over to Making Love in the Kitchen where reality slapped me in the face. There it was in big, red, friendly letters. 

Alphabet of 

Organic, free-range coffee would have squirted from my nose had I been drinking it when I read this. (I wasn't drinking coffee. Honest Meghan. But that's only because I had already finished it.) It was like the interwebs knew the innermost secrets that I kept even from myself. I wasn't looking for inspiration, I was putting off writing!

Of course, when I read further, I realized that "The Alphabet of Avoidance" has nothing to do with my poor writing habits.  It's Lisa Borden's first book.  According to Meghan of Making Love in the Kitchen:

“Lisa Borden is the voice of no-nonsense, common sense, low impact, conscious living. She makes it entertaining and easy. With every action suggested, Borden offers the best solution to make it happen. She is a resource of great brands, and the ultimate guru for how to make low-impact living incredibly time and cost effective. Michael Pollan penned the go-to guide for Food Rules, Borden is now offering us a go-to-guide for Intelligent Living. Her A-Z rules benefit both personal and environmental health and greatness. Reading the Alphabet of Avoidance will make us smart. Following it makes us brilliant.”

So, though the Lisa's book won't help improve my writing habits, it looks like it's worth a read. In fact, I'm writing about it here so I can have a chance to win a copy. I'm sure there's much I can learn from this book, and with my current trend toward avoidance in other areas of my life, following the suggestions should come naturally to me.

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