Tuesday, May 3, 2011


One veggie bed built!  Muahahaha!

Thanks to Hubby we have our first veggie bed.  I assisted somewhat.  Mostly by staying out of the way.  As my eighth grade shop teacher could tell you, I'm not the handiest person in the woodshop.  (Sorry about your thumb Mr. Lee!)  Sadly, my skills haven't improved much over the years.  This was quite apparent when I helped L at Sleeping Cougar Acres construct her veggie beds a few years ago.  I'm pretty sure this not how the finished product should look. 

Fortunately there were no injuries, so I guess there's been some improvement since my middle-school disasters.  Still, I'm lucky L lets me come back to play in the vineyard.  I will admit, though she was an excellent sport about my ineptitude that day,  she's never asked me to help with another construction project.  That's alright.  I'd rather drive the tractor anyway.

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