Thursday, June 18, 2015

Desk Debris?

Hidden Treasure? Archaeological Findings?

I wasn't sure what to call this post. What is the appropriate title for a post about the crap you find mixed in a basket of pennies?

The picture below gives you an idea of the size of the basket.  (Picture-taking gave me the opportunity to slack off from my de-cluttering duties. There were a dozen photos taken and evaluated and retaken before I could settle on one.) That's a small apple. It fits comfortably in the palm of my rather petite hand.

In spite of its size, (small, yet really too big to lose track of in the clutter on my desk) that basket was holding: 

- A ticket from the June 30, 1998 midnight showing of "Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas". Good grief. We're closing in on the 20th anniversary for that one. Twenty years. Hard to believe, though if you look at the ticket price, it seems like a million years ago. (I can't remember when two people could get into a movie for $10. Not even with a ticket stub to remind me.)

- A paint-covered screw. Why I felt the need to save it, and why I didn't add it to the "jar of miscellaneous screws" escapes me. (I probably couldn't find the jar of miscellaneous screws. I'm still not sure where it is. I won't get to organizing that part of the house for some time. Possibly years. Maybe never.)

- A rusty paper clip. 

- A hair elastic that had lost all its elastic.

- A guitar pick from Major Chord Music. The three phone numbers indicate that there are, or were, three locations in Southwestern Ontario. I have no idea where those stores were, and I have no recollection of visiting any of them.

- A house from a Monopoly game. I wonder what Abundantia was trying to tell me with that one?

- A button. With thread. No idea what it belongs to. Likely don't even own the garment anymore.

- A Canadian dime.

- A 1981 Canadian silver dollar. (Actually made of nickel. Worth: $1.00. I looked it up. Won't be cashing it in and retiring any time soon. I guess I'll squirrel it away and hope the next time it surfaces it's worth a bundle.)

- A much-abused American penny. Wonder what happened to it?

- An admission button from the Royal Ontario Museum. That was a fun, tiring day!

- A similar button from an unknown source. The logo looks like an exploding...eyeball? Hubby doesn't remember what it's from either. 

- Lint. Lots and lots and lots of lint. 

- Oh, and almost $3.00 in pennies. I rolled them while we watched television last night. (Note: Rolling grubby, linty pennies is a great deterrent for mindless snacking while watching television. I didn't want my hands anywhere near my mouth until they were washed. And washed again.)

That's a lot of...stuff...from one tiny basket in one small area of what suddenly seems like a really, really big house. There's so much more to do. On the up side, there will be so much material for blog posts. See you soon!

PS. Good news! The bank takes rolled pennies. I went in yesterday and asked. They even gave me coin-rolling papers to help me to organize my coppery abundance. All pennies found thus far have been rolled and lugged to the bank. Grand total: $11.50. Looks like Hubby and I each get a fancy coffee in the near future. 

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