Friday, July 25, 2014

Overheard at the Beach

OK, I think we've established that I'm an introvert who likes quiet. I can also be fairly quiet, and as such, I hear things. No, not like that. I overhear things. Sometimes what I hear is sad, or disturbing, and sometimes what I hear makes me laugh. Quietly. To myself.  

The following snippets were overheard on a recent trip to the beach. Hubby and I both laughed over the comments of these two young beachcombers. 
 "Spider crab! Spider crab!" 5-6 year old boy
This one led Hubby and I to a rousing, but quiet, rendition of "Spidercrab! Spidercrab! Does whatever a spidercrab can!". We didn't take it any further. The song loses something when it doesn't rhyme. And we don't really know what a spider crab does.
 "I found a geoduck! It's squirting my balls! It squirted my junk!" 8-10 year old boy 
This one wasn't really difficult to overhear. In fact, there was no avoiding it. I'm sure the entire beach heard about this boy's intimate interaction with the wildlife. Still, it made us laugh. And watch where we were walking. 

Not a spider crab.
I'll likely share more of the things I overhear when I'm out and about. It gives me the opportunity to listen better, and it gets me off the couch and out the door.

Also not a spider crab.

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