Monday, July 1, 2013

Happy Canada Day!

Thanks to Hubby for humouring me and documenting my Canada-Day dress-up session. 

Happy Canada Day my friends! We had perfect weather here for celebrating our nation's birthday. Hot, dry with clear skies and a slight breeze. Mmmmm. Sadly, in spite of all the red and white in my wardrobe, I didn't have anything appropriate to wear to the festivities.

This outfit had potential. Red, white and cool. The dark dots along the skirt are coins that jingle when I walk. And we were walking. The jingling would have driven me mad, if the coins didn't fall off en route  I lost one just getting ready for pictures. Besides, I sound like an ice-cream truck when I wear it. Sounding like an ice-cream truck on a hot day when not actually having ice cream to share is just cruel.

Another outfit featuring the right colours, but oh, so the wrong team for a Canada Day celebration on Vancouver Island. I have been booed in the streets for wearing my Red Wings jersey here before. Not a wise choice in the land of Canucks. 

Besides, I'm not comfortable showing that much leg in public.

The cotton top in this outfit is cool and crisp, but the fabric of this dress is just too hot. I don't understand why they made a summer dress out of such sweat-inducing fabric. I also don't understand why I keep it in my wardrobe when it irritates me so. In spite of that, I was glad to have it for pictures today.

Did I mention we were walking to the festivities? Not in these shoes. I just about lost a heel just getting around the yard. And I can only hold my stomach in for so long! As much as I love how I look, this just wasn't a reasonable outfit for the day. 

All these fun options and no winners! Looks like I'll have to do some shopping before Canada Day rolls around again. 

Hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Linking up with Patti and the stylish crew for Visible Monday over at Not Dead Yet Style. Stop by and check out the festivities. 


  1. Loving all this fabulous red-ness! Happy Canada Day, and thanks for linking up to Vis Monday.

    1. Thanks Patti! And Happy (almost) Independence Day to you!

  2. Happy Canada Day, and what fun to just have red and white for colors. I've never really liked red, white and blue and all the flag stuff in the US.

    I hope you had a good day. I guess your weather is pretty hot, like ours in Oregon. I hate to think what August will be like!

    1. Thanks Val! If I didn't like red so much, I wouldn't likely make the attempt to dress for the holiday.

      The weather was quite warm. Summer seems to have finally arrived. Hard to believe last weekend we were freezing at the beach. Enjoy your summer days!

  3. Happy Canada Day Laurie! So, what did you end up wearing?

    Sue xo

    1. Happy Canada Day to you too Sue. I finally went with cropped khaki cargo pants, a floaty pink top (Pink is red and white, right?) and a Tilley Hat. It wasn't as cute has the other outfits, but it's one I tested last summer at a July baseball game in Southwestern Ontario. I knew it was comfortable and could handle the heat!

  4. Perhaps you can get away with the Red Wings jersey if your leave your pants at home, as shown here. Even hard-core Canucks would gape, whistle, make strange gestures, drool, but I can't imagine any booing.
    So many cute outfits. You're a pretty picky girl, Laurie. But I get it. I kinda like the Wings shirt with the polka dot skirt. And, of course, some very red, very tall high heels. That might have a similar effect as stated above but without the indecent comments part.
    Happy Canada day, Onion Girl. Always happy to see you turn out!

    1. Thanks Jan! I was thinking Red Wing shirt and the polka dot skirt too! Hubby would only take so many pictures of the shirt though. He's a Maple Leafs fan. Another reason to leave the shirt at home!

      Oh, I miss the days when there were high heels in every colour (particularly red) in my closet. My poor feet don't allow such extravagances any more. I wore my five-fingers yesterday for the walk to the park!

  5. Happy Canada Day Laurie!
    Although you found a fault in each of your outfits I like them all :D
    My favorite is the one with the pencil skirt, I would wear it with sneaker. Wearing high heels I can dream of but not walk in.
    I hope you got an ice-creme finally.


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