Monday, May 20, 2013

Panicked Pictures and Perfectly Playful Boots

Last week I panicked. I didn't like any of my outfit photos, so I posted a picture of my Rocky Horror costume instead. 

The rejected photos featured outfits I wore to work. This week's photo features an outfit I wore to play. (Hubby and I went out for lunch, then shopping, then to a matinee showing of Iron Man 3.)

There's much I could write about my work/play wardrobe issues. Especially the work issues.

Photo-bombed by a poppy!
My satisfaction with this outfit has much to do with my new footwear. 

On Wednesday I went shopping with a friend - something I hadn't done in years. The experience was so enjoyable that I was a bit giddy. Then I found the boots. Last pair. Half-price. My size. AND a brand I am growing to love. 

I cradled the lone display boot while I browsed. It was as though I was afraid someone would rush in from the street on that rainy afternoon and grab the last pair before I could...what?

There's much I could write about my shoe issues.

I wasn't planning on buying the boots. I don't wear heels. I don't need more shoes.  Then somehow I got talked into trying them on. Really, there wasn't much else to do. It was too rainy to leave the store. For the record, I also tried on a pair of green, floral, strappy sandals. Something like these.You know. Just for fun. They did not follow me home. Have to draw the line somewhere! Besides, I couldn't actually walk in them.

The boots, on the other hand, were very comfy. Still, I wasn't sure. Were they comfy enough to wear to work? I am on my feet all day. Where would I wear them if I don't wear them to work? What would I wear with them? Even at half price they still cost about a day's pay. Doubt. Doubt. Doubt.

Then I decided that I can't make all my wardrobe choices based on what will work for work. Besides, given how miserable my last shift was, I deserved the damn boots!

Sometimes you just gotta say WTF!

And in the spirit of WTF, I've decided to post the rejected photos. I may not like these outfits, but I think I'm learning from them. I'm ever grateful to Patti at Not Dead Yet Style for giving us a place to play, to experiment and to grow. Head on over for Visible Monday. I am!


  1. Way to go, Laurie! The boots are fab, and I bet you are going to feel wonderful every time you put them on. Thanks for sharing it all with Visible Monday and keep rocking.

  2. A pair of booties is what every closet needs! You've picked a good pair. I can never have enough of booties, have a few myself. I wear them with everything - maxi, skirt, shorts.. just that now is a bit too hot for them :(

    MRS JACK OF ALL TRADES (a fashion and life-style blog)

  3. Thanks Patti. There is something about those boots... I keep looking for excuses to wear them! With my "shoe issues" it's been a long time since I've bought shoes that I look forward to wearing.

  4. Welcome Mrs C! It will soon be too warm to wear the booties here too. At least I hope it will be. Our lovely spring weather seems to have fast forwarded directly to fall rain. I keep telling myself it's only May. Summer will be here soon! In the mean time I'm going to wear those booties every chance I get!

  5. Congrats Laurie! The wingtip lace boots are fantastic, how cute that you got them in your size and for the half price. The heels are perfect, I think the height is moderate. Probably they have the chance to become favorite shoes.
    I can't see why you have rejected the pics of last week first. Both outfits are great and you look lovley in them. My favorite is the floral skirt (what else?!) and the light green cardigan.

  6. (Here's Jan, squealing like a piglet in complete identification!)
    I know just what you mean!
    I often do just what you did ... cradle the shoe in your arms as you finish browsing ... happened to me last week! Was in JCP shoe dept. again ("no" you gasp, in disbelief!)and found the exact shoe I had been coveting in dreams all last winter when I couldn't afford them. My size, the floor modal that I had tried on longingly at least twice. On clearance, $14 from a lot more! And right below them, for $ 12, a pair of gray suede pointy toe pumps that I didn't know I needed.
    I was clutching both boxes, wandering around in Nirvana when Dan caught up with me. He gently pried them from my fingers to hold for me until I was ready to check out. I had a moment of panic and I almost bit him. But all turned out well!
    And yours are better, I swear. Best booties ever, really. And you are looking really lovely in all your other snaps! Summer is going to be your season, Onion Girl! I just know it.
    Thanks for writing this. Loved this post a lot, or can't you tell?

  7. ah those black lace up boots with the side zipper are amazing!!! i love them!

  8. Jan you are hilarious, though I probably would have hit anyone who tried to take the bootie away from me...and that would have been before I decided to buy them.

    I miss having access to JCP. Used to go quite a bit when we lived in a border city. Shopping choices here are rather limited, and online shopping can get pricey when you have to pay for shipping, and potentially returns. Of course, I'm learning to thrift because of it!

  9. Thanks Sabine. I don't know what it is about that green cardigan. I love the colour, though I'd never worn anything like it before, yet when I see myself wearing it in pictures something seems off.

    I will admit, I bought it to go with the skirt. That's going to stay around for a while.

  10. Hi Kelsey. Welcome! Thanks for stopping by!

    I haven't worn booties since my university days. I had forgotten how much I love them. I'm so looking forward to wearing them again, and again, and again...


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