Thursday, March 26, 2009

March Sadness

A morning phone call had me rushing out the door, chocolate in one hand, tea in the other. A young friend had had her heart broken, so I was off to offer what advice 43 can give to 19, which is pretty much none whatsoever. At least I had chocolate. And hugs. I thought that made me prepared. I was wrong. She didn't want chocolate. I know it wasn't good chocolate; I had already eaten the good stuff. In fact, all I had to offer were some cardboard-y biscuits. Still, I thought everyone consumed chocolate when broken-hearted. Have things changed? Am I that out of the loop? I feel so old! I just wish I felt that the age came with wisdom.

In her distress, my friend didn't want anything to eat. She had to struggle to finish a half a cup of tea. Poor thing. All that left me to offer were hugs, and a shoulder to cry on. She seemed to appreciate those things, as much as one can appreciate anything when in the depths of despair. We talked for a while, then walked, then went to pick up boxes to pack up his stuff. What a sad morning.

Thanks to hubby it's been years and years since I've had to deal with this kind of heart-break myself. I'm left struggling to remember what I wanted to eat when I felt like this. Chocolate, for sure, but what else? I'll ponder for a bit, and in the mean time am open to suggestions. What foods call to you when you need comfort?

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  1. Laurie, I wish I had any answer for you at all here! When I'm heartbroken, I have no appetite at all. I do get hungry, but it's for calories, not for any sort of gustatory pleasure. It's so sad.

    My condolences to your friend. She's lucky to have you, even with your cardboardy biscuits :-) May time heal her heart so that she may love again.


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