Thursday, January 22, 2009

Now What?

There is something growing in my kitchen. No, not mould, although that seems like a reasonable answer here on the Wet Coast. I’m growing sprouts. I know. I’m surprised too. I’m not quite sure what prompted this. I’ve always been leery of the whole sprouting thing. People who grow sprouts seem so granola-y (you know - the woolly socks with Birkenstocks crowd), and the process (usually promoted by people trying to sell you grow-your-own paraphernalia) seemed too easy to be true. Add to that lingering memories of news stories outlining the dangers of eating sprouts and the whole venture seemed too weird for me.

And yet I have sprouts growing in my kitchen - on purpose. I actually went out and bought sprouting seeds and a sprouting jar lid. I guess there’s part of me that wants to grow my own food. Even when I was a kid that desire was there. I remember hoarding green bean seeds under the edge of my dinner plate as a child. My plan was to plant them and have a garden. Mom kindly pointed out that cooked seeds wouldn’t grow, and set me up with seeds that would work. I was fascinated by the process…seed to sprout to plant to seed. I still find it fascinating. I’ve found myself in the kitchen several times this week, my nose pressed up against the sprouting jar, excitedly reporting the seeds’ progress to hubbie.

And my seeds have progressed quite well. I now have sprouts that are ready to eat. I’ve tried a few with no ill effects, although according to Health Canada’s website it may be too early to tell. The process was as easy as I had been lead to believe by Meghan’s video over at Making Love in the Kitchen, although there were a few things I researched myself for my own peace of mind. I’m rather satisfied with my little local food experiment, but there is one small problem. Now that I have the little suckers, what the heck do I do with them? Yes, I know, you eat them. A friend has already forwarded a recipe for sprouted bean hummus, and I know I can add them to soups and salads, but if anyone else has suggestions for sprouted lentil, pea and garbanzo mix I’d love to hear them. I wouldn’t want to let my little babies go to waste.


  1. Hey Laurie -- I've become a sprout rancher, too. Come on over to my ranch and try my first harvest of pea sprouts.... my next crop is pumpkin sprouts.... have you tried fenugreek sprouts? Made the whole kitchen smell like curry, and the sprouts taste very yummie....
    Annonymouse (I think you'll know me by the pun in the spelling!)

  2. Where are you getting your seeds my dear mouse? I was at Edible this week and the selection was quite slim.


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